ZnSe Window for IR Transmittance
An optical set-up for the characterization of devices across the visible to IR spectrum
Any window of MPS can be replaced with one suitable for your experiment.
Humidity–Temperature Sensor
Humidity-Temp.sensor Specification
Typ. RH
0.2 °C
@0-90 °C
Fully calibrated, linearized, and temperature compensated output.
Humidity-Temperature sensor can be installed inside the entire chambers optionally.
Humidity & MFC Controller

Model. MGHC-099
2-channel sensor & 4-channel MFC control are equipped.
One can monitor inside the chamber and the other can monitor where you want.
Humidity controller can regulate both the total flow rate
and the gas concentration simultaneously. RH% is controlled by PID automatic control.
Polymer Capacitance Measurement Fixture
* This is not an off-the-shelf product and is supplied through customized manufacturing
by consultation with customers.
It is useful to measure the electric property of a sample in gel-state or a polymer film.
Especially, the reliability of the measurement can be improved by one probe module because it can give a constant contact-pressure.
In addition, a uniform electric field by a guard ring improves the precision of the measurement.
It makes the measurement convenient to use a well-defined top electrode.
Useful Options
to Help with Mounting and Probing
350 x 350 mm breadboard has a lightweight (only 2.3 kg) and can be conveniently mounted with options
such as digital microscopes and external XYZ micro positioner module.
Digital Microscope
External XYZ Micro Positioner Module
Optical Table